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Service Magnet takes the stress of generating leads for my cleaning business off of me. My clientele has doubled! 👏

- Sandy | Savvy Clean - Ontario

My ad is getting the attention of the right customers! I've been going on many onsites and landing the jobs! I’ve already referred other owners to Service Magnet.

- Jennifer | All Cleaning Services - Michigan

Built & battle-tested by a home service biz owner,
for home service biz owners.


Hi, I'm Tyler. 👋

My wife and I run a cleaning company.

We needed leads to grow our business. After experimenting with every marketing channel under the sun, I eventually developed a Facebook ads system that consistently pulled local leads into our inbox.

We stopped bidding against our competitors for crappy leads on overpriced platforms like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Yelp.

We took control of our business and started generating our own leads!

Our business grew from $0 a month to $12k a month in just 6 months, and we continue to grow today using the exact same system.

And it's not just me! Other Service Magnet owners use the same system to generate their own leads month after month.

Click here to start generating your own leads on Facebook + Instagram — FREE for the first month!

Your first month of Service Magnet is FREE! — you only pay for your ads budget. If you choose to renew after your first month, it's only $50/mo!

Tired of overpaying for crappy leads? Start generating your own!

- Tyler | Founder, Service Magnet

Questions? Use the chat widget below or email me.

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See ya out there! 👋

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Service Magnet

DIY Leads for Your Service Business

What You Get

Facebook + Instagram Ads

Landing Page

Landing Page


Subject: New Lead Details: Example Lead

Name: Example Lead
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Address: 123 Main St, Chicago, IL 60616
Click here to look up home on Zillow/Redfin

Job Details: 3200 sqft, 4 beds, 2.5 baths, Deep Cleaning, Inside Oven Clean

Customer Comments: This is my first time using a cleaning service. I'm interested in your company because of your attention to detail, quality, and your awesome ad. 🙃

What Happens

  1. People in your service area see your ad while browsing Facebook + Instagram.

  2. They decide they're interested and click the link to your landing page where they fill out your quote request form.

  3. You get an email with all the lead's info so you can follow up and make the sale!

Unlike other complicated marketing tools, Service Magnet's setup process is 100% templated. There's nothing to design, no copy to write, and nothing technical. All you need is a Facebook Page and a few minutes.

Enter your business info, select some options, and like magic, your professional landing page and Facebook + Instagram ads create themselves! You can customize things if you want, but most Service Magnet owners just set it and forget it.

And if you do happen to get stuck, you're never on your own! We've recorded simple walkthrough videos for everything. You can chat and email us anytime. We'll even hop on a video call and walk you through everything if you want!

Click here to start generating your own leads on Facebook + Instagram — FREE for the first month!

Your first month of Service Magnet is FREE! — you only pay for your Facebook Ads budget. If you choose to renew after your first month, it's only $50/mo!

Tired of overpaying for crappy leads? Start generating your own!

- Tyler | Founder, Service Magnet

Questions? Use the chat widget below or email me.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you're into that.

See ya out there! 👋

Service Magnet

DIY Leads for Your Service Business

7-Step System
to Close Mores Sales
for Your Service Business


1. Accept that Leads Are Not Sales 🤯
2. Start Selling on the Phone ☎️
3. Spend $30 on a Killer Phone Sales Setup 🛒
4. Use My Free CRM & Message Templates 💻
5. Stop Doing In-Person Estimates 😱
6. Use This Magic Follow-Up Method to Get in Touch with Every Lead 🪄
7. Use The Battle-Tested Phone Script I’ve Used to Close Hundreds of Sales 💪

Start using the same sales system we used to grow our cleaning biz from $0/mo to $12k/mo in 6 months!


My Story — $0 to $12k in 6 months

Hi, I’m Tyler 👋.

My wife and I own & operate Clove Cleaning, an eco-friendly residential cleaning company on the western fringes of the Chicago 'burbs. She runs the cleaning operations while I handle business operations (and occasionally fumble my way through a clean when we're short-handed).

Our core customer is the suburban mom who values eco-friendly products and is looking for a cleaning service she can trust to care for her home at least as well as she does, if not better.

We've earned a long list of glowing 5-star reviews, so apparently we're doing something right.

We’ve built our business from the ground up through hard work, day in and day out.

And we keep growing, month after month. We’re optimistic about the future.

The system I’m about to share with you was shaped by the early days of Clove, when we grew our business from $0 a month to $12,000 a month in just 6 months.

We started by trying every way we could think of to get customers.

MailersPosting in Facebook groupsBoosting Facebook postsGoogle AdsGoogle Local ServicesHomeAdvisorAngie’s ListThumbtackYelpNextdoor
After all of our experimenting, one channel blew everything else out of the water - Facebook Ads.

99% of our leads came from Facebook Ads.

Our cost per lead was low. Our conversion rate was high. We were consistently connecting with our target customers.

It was working!

We said to ourselves, “Let’s invest more money in this!”

We stopped spending money on other channels and moved it all to Facebook.

Every month, we’d invest more. And every month, we’d get more leads and close more sales.

We went from spending $200 a month on Facebook Ads to $2,000 a month. It scaled perfectly.

☝️ How Facebook Ads work for us

Around this same time, I started spending more time in Facebook groups with other cleaning business owners.

So many owners were asking how to get more leads — consistently & affordably.

They were sick of getting scammed by pay-per-lead services that sold the same ice-cold lead to 5 service providers to fight over.

And getting ripped off by marketing “experts” that charged a fortune, promised the world, and never delivered.

I thought to myself, “My Facebook Ads system works pretty great for me, I bet it would work for them too.”

So I started sharing. I told people what I was doing. I explained how Facebook Ads were transforming my business.

Owners started asking for my help.

Soon, I was running Facebook Ads for cleaning businesses around the world!

And just like it worked for me, it was working for their businesses too.

They were getting affordable, high-quality leads faster than they’d ever seen.

Their businesses were growing and they were excited about it!

I loved hearing these success stories. I wanted to help more owners.

So I started Service Magnet, a software service that made it easy for any service business to set up their own inbound leads machine using Facebook Ads and landing pages.

The same system my wife & I used to build our business.

The same system that exploded growth for my clients.

It might seem like I’m trying to sell you on using Service Magnet.

I’m not.

(Ok, maybe I kinda am)

I mean, you should, but that’s not why I wrote this guide.

I put this guide together for owners who were already using Service Magnet.

Service Magnet was working so well that we were solving one problem for our clients and creating a new one in return.

These owners no longer needed to find more leads.

Now, they needed to learn how to sell to all the leads they were generating.

They needed to learn how to close!

I was (and at the time of this writing, still am) the one-and-only salesperson at Clove.

Before my wife & I started Clove, I sat in a cubicle and worked in phone sales for 7 years.

Over that period, I developed a selling system that worked for me.

So I wrote it all down and I handed it over to our clients. And guess what?

It worked for them too.

They started closing more sales.

They weren’t just answering the phone & responding to Facebook messages any more.

They were selling!

I thought about turning my system into a paid course, but I decided I'd rather help as many business owners as I could, and that meant giving it away for free.

And now here you are, reading the story. I guess it worked! 👍

Whether or not you want our help at Service Magnet, I hope you build a profitable, sustainable business.

Service businesses ain't easy.

Customers have unrealistic expectations.

People want top-dollar service at rock-bottom prices.

We all bust our butts to keep our doors open, serving others.

We could all use a little help.

I hope this system works well for you. It’s the same process we use to this day at Clove.

It’s worked wonders for me, and my clients, and I think it will for you too.

Good luck on your journey.

Read this guide, study it, bookmark it, then get out there and start closing!

- Tyler | Founder, Service Magnet

Tyler here. 👋

Thanks for picking up the sales guide!

I hope you find it super valuable in your quest to grow your business.

You should receive an email shortly with your link to the guide. 📩

If you haven't already, check out what we do at Service Magnet. If you're interested in growing your business, we may be able to help!

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